Friday, January 27, 2012

Death Comes As The End For Us All

The poem below had its beginning is a blog comment I made to a friend's post. His words spoke directly to something inside of me, and I immediately felt what I had to write. 

The same friend left a comment on his blog, which challenged me to take my initial poem further.

The poem below is the result, and it comes straight from my heart and mind. I encourage you to go to John Malone's blog post and read the words that started it all.

Life’s end…

To the dead man down by the sea,
thank you, for the sad tale of your lonely
ending in life brings my own family even
closer to my heart. And it makes me glad
my father’s life ended as he was cared for
by workers who truly did care. The
differences between the two deaths
are stark, one a family man who ended
his life, loved and mourned by many,
the other, mourned perhaps, by none.

I mourn the passing though, of this
unknown and possibly unloved man.
For me, he will stand in for the universal
unknown poor man, one who struggles
through life in his lonely way. They cope,
or fail to cope, these people, and are
ignored by the multitude. In his passing
though, this one man stands in the place
of the many. I pay tribute to them all,
the people, unloved and unmissed, those
we try to forget. They each lived their life,
and played their part, in society’s
everlasting drama.


john malone said...

thank you Carolyn for the tribute poem. it's very moving and sincere. is it possible to paste it on my blog so others will read it --- or is that unnecessary seeing you provided a link?

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thanks again John, if people want to read it, they can follow the link. Feel free to encourage them if you want, I certainly won't mind!