Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm a Poet, I Wrote a Sonnet

Hello, this is the sonnet I wrote for my Month of Poetry challenge. There are many people around Australia and beyond trying to write a new poem every day for the month of January 2012. They then post their poem to the Month of Poetry website.

So far I'm keeping up with the challenge - I've written a new poem every day, and duly posted it to the website. The quality of my poetry is a little uneven perhaps, but at least I'm keeping up. This is all about Quantity first, and hopefully Quality will come!

Anyway, here's the Sonnet I wrote. It's far from perfect, but it follows at least some of the rules for a Shakespearean sonnet.

Changing times
Your working life slowed by broken shards
Of good intentions and easy promises shattered -
It’s plain to see the dole queue’s on the cards
And the wrenching loss of love and things that mattered.

You hadn’t seen the crisis looming dark,
But some had seen and wondered how you’d go
If times were lean with prospects turning stark -
Your money scarce and hunger a pain you know.

Would you learn the ways of those you once disdained
And find a different way to show your worth?
The golden path that gleamed for you is stained -
If you want to move on, regroup and find some mirth -

Laugh at the things you’d done and said before,
take quiet instead of brash and love it more.

So that's my effort, not perfect, and please, if you can see any way to improve it, leave a message! All feedback is gratefully accepted.


john malone said...

a tightly written piece with some sage advice which I trust the person will take

Anonymous said...

That's definitely a sonnet Carolyn. To knock that up in a day is some achievement. Well done.

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you gentleman, I'm falling in love with sonnets I fear. I wrote another one for today's poem. Not iambic or a pentametre this time, but a sonnet nonetheless.

I might post that one, or maybe not. And I've had some wonderful feedback on this sonnet posted here from a lovely and clever Facebook friend. I love Facebook, and I love my poetic friends!