Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrating 26 Years of Happy Marriage!

I write poems for various reasons, this poem came about this morning after I read a Facebook comment. The person offered congratulations for my wedding anniversary, I immediately knew I wanted to write this poem.

The commenter is a fellow Month of Poetry 2012 poet, and I'm thrilled to have been prompted to write this. This is a happy, happy, joy, bliss poem, and there should be more of them in the world!

Thanks for 26 good years, here’s to the next 26!

Twenty six years of wedded bliss,
fights may be there, but sealed with a kiss -
arguments not lasting more than a day,
it’s worked for us, it’s our marriage way.

Others might do ‘married’ differently,
but last night we toasted our anniversary.
Our bond is working, far as I can see -
life’s mostly sweet, for Graham and me!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Carolyn. A job well done and still being done well.

john malone said...

a warm loving poem expressive of a warm loving relationship; you are indeed b lessed

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you gentleman. I have the marriage of my parents to follow as a pattern. My mother showed me that tolerance is a useful trait to have, for many reasons.

My father showed me that a person who gives much to the thing they're passionate about can inspire others to share their passion.

john malone said...

your parents taught you well :)

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you John. I told my mother what I'd written and she smiled wisely.