Saturday, December 15, 2018

Adelaide Plains Poets Next Poetry Competition

Well, 2018 is almost finished, just a week or so of shopping, then Christmas, then New Years Eve, and then Bang! it's 2019. The theme for the 2018 poetry competition was a big one, "Truth". We received a wide range of responses to this theme, and the Judge chose from that wide range, with many differing versions of Truth in his poems to hunt for winners through.

The theme for the competition this year is going to be another big one, and the competition secretary is looking forward to reading a wide variety of responses to our theme again. One of the highlights for the competition secretary, when bringing in the mail, once the entry forms and guidelines are sent out all around Australia, is to read the new entries as they arrive!

So enough about the past, now onto the present and then future. The theme for the Adelaide Plains Poets Poetry Competition for 2019 is "Location"! So you can write about your favourite state, country, or simply your favourite place to sit and think! If I could enter this competition, (I can't, because I am the competition secretary), I would perhaps write a poem about where I live, my property, or the closest town, or perhaps the closest big town, where I often go because my writing group meetings are held there.

Do you have a favourite location? A skiing spot perhaps, or favourite and best place to fish? Think about it, put on your poetry hat, and get writing about the theme of Location! After the New Year, the entry form and guidelines will be posted to this blog, and you can get serious about what poem/s you might send to this competition.

Entries are not being accepted yet, so don't send in anything. Any entries received before the end of the year will not be allowed, they will be sent back to you unopened.

Anyway, think about location. Maybe about your cat's favourite place to be, or how your dog gets excited when it realises where you are taking it in the car ... Or do you have an interesting Real Estate experience on the theme of location, location, location? Whatever it is, looking forward to reading it next year!