Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poetry Rules this Weekend

There are a lot of poetry events happening in my area this weekend. I will be focused on one event, but will be trying to have at least some involvement in the others.

There will be lots of writing things, including poetry, at the Salisbury Writing Festival. I may be able to get there Friday night, but the cold weather might mean I don't get there.

On Saturday I am committed to volunteer work at the Gawler Show, so I can't get to Salisbury that day at all. I heartily recommend people check it out if they're free.

On Sunday there will be the first ever Poetry Slam at the Gawler Show. The people running it are friends, they are committed to it, and it will be exciting and fantastic. I will try to be there for at least some of the morning.

After that, is the event I am most personally connected with. The Poetry @ the Pub is a monthly event I am going to attend, (I am on the committee who run it) and I hope lots of others will be able to get involved. It starts at the Prince Albert Hotel in Gawler at 2.00pm Sunday. The fire will be going and the atmosphere will be welcoming and fun.

I may be able to get to Salisbury afterwards, but it will be difficult, so maybe not. It will be a big weekend for me, and I will have a great time!