Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Month of Poetry, Day 4

I've been writing a new poem every day in January and posting them to a website that was set up for people to do this. It's been challenging but fun, having to produce a new poem every day, and remembering to post it on the website. The poems posted there have been terrific. The poem I did today is, I feel, the best one so far.

It's not finished yet, needs some tweaking perhaps. Any feedback is most welcome!

This poem needs a title, any ideas?

Raucous birds, madly careening
through the sky. Challenging
cars to catch them, dipping past
in front with a wing wave
that says, ‘up yours’.
The saddest sight is the pink
and grey bundle lying still
on the road, matted with blood.
A flock of mourners are nearby,
still challenging the cars…

I live in rural South Australia, and it always makes me sad to see birds who’ve lost in the battle against the car. Death is all around, but there’s much life around too. Watching the birds always brings me happiness. I have a seat on both my back and my front verandas, and I love to sit there and commune with Nature when I feel the need.


john malone said...

it's good to see a poem that recognises road kill as well as celebrate the live variety

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment John. I mourn for those birds that lose to the giant metal killing machines that invade the country, taking down so many creatures.

The lone magpie standing near their downed loved one really cuts me, I see it far too often in springtime, breeding season.