Monday, June 28, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Last Sunday, 27 June, 2010, Prince Albert Hotel, Gawler. The fire was warm and so was the friendship we shared!

Friendship, and fantastic poetry were in abundance as I greeted new friends and old, hugs all round and a good time was had by all. I was amazed at the high quality of the poetry read on the day. Amazed and excited.

If this is the quality of poetry being written currently, then No, Poetry is Not Dead! Poetry in Gawler for Poetry @ the Pub is Alive and Kicking with Life and Vitality.

If we continue to get this quality of poetry for the rest of the year, then having to pick the very best for the end of Year Poetry Anthology is shaping up to be a difficult but very enjoyable task!

I thank all of the wonderful people who shared their Sunday with us, and to my dear friends who couldn't get there I say "Make there in July - you won't regret it".

Saturday, June 12, 2010

John Keats Bright Star

I watched the movie with my writing group the other night. We were all deeply affected by this tale of love, life and death. So young, so talented, so misunderstood.

John Keats wrote some of the finest poetry ever, but his talent was unrecognised during his too short life. He died of tuberculosis at the age of twenty-five before he was able to wed the love of his life Fanny Brawne. Some of his loveliest poems are written about/for Fanny.

If you are still trying to become recognised in your literary writing, take heart, some of the very best in the world were also not lauded during their lives. If you keep writing and keep living, it may happen for you while you live, but know that your words will give you a form of life after death. You must keep sending your writing out there though.

If you keep your writing tucked away in a drawer or on your computer, you greatest work may be destroyed after you die, with you remaining just a fragile memory for just a few people. Send your work out, self publish, blog, but keep getting those words out if you wish to remembered/admired after your death.