Friday, January 13, 2012

My Life Gives Me Poetry Themes!

As I've written previously on this blog, I'm currently committed to writing a new poem every day this month, and posting it to the Month of Poetry website.This has been going well for me, with at least one new poem every day in January.

I find I'm noticing things more, every day things that might usually go unnoticed. In my quest for a new poem every day, I'm becoming more mindful. This is a good thing. I took a look outside a couple of minutes ago and noticed one of our hanging plants is flowering again. The dwarf bouganvillea is lovely at the moment, with its new bracts gleaming fresh and orange/pink along the branch.

It seems though that my body has decided to give me things to write about as well. This is not such a good thing! Last night I had another trip and fall. There was alcohol involved in the night, but not enough to have caused the incident. It's my body not doing its job right, or perhaps me not taking heed of the signals from my body, that caused it.

Anyway, it doesn't really matter. The important thing is that when I switched on the computer this morning, I had something new to write about!

A mostly un-iambic sonnet

Sprained ankle after trips and falls
And now I know a cause -
I’m regressing to childhood thanks to MS,
I’m overly dependent on walls -
Gravity become the most damaging of laws
But I keep my mind intact as I physically regress

Furniture too has become my friend
Walking stick a needed adornment
And now I’m damaged and resting until
My current damage will finally end.
If I keep to current conform-ment
With doctor’s orders of ice and keeping still,

I hope to end this pain that visits
When I exceed my bodily limits.

Did I mention I have MS (Multiple Sclerosis)? No, well, I'm not saying my disease was the only reason I fell, but it was certainly a contributing thing...

Feel free to leave a comment, I adore feedback on my poetry! Good, bad or indifferent, please tell me what you think.


john malone said...

a good poem, Carolyn: the opening stanza particularly is fantastic!

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you very much John. I'm very much enjoying my month of poetry. So far I've been able to write at least one new poem every day. They haven't all been great poems, but they've been written. Perhaps Nature might get a mention for tomorrow's poem (18th of January).

john malone said...

yes Carolyn, you are doing very well; it is important to set manageable goals and then set out to acheive them. With you it's one poem a day, with me it's one short story a fortnight till the end of the year when I'll assess my achievement. You can't always get quality but you certainly can't get quality if the quantity isn't there

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you again John, and good luck with your challenge. I wrote a super short story the other day, while I was sitting in the car in Tanunda, waiting for Graham to pick up what we'd gone there for.
It came to me out of the blue and I typed the words onto my phone. I love modern technology, and I love having quiet moments when my time is completely my own.
Quality can come if there is quantity - the chances of writing something good is better if you're writing plenty of things, poems, short stories, whichever you're aiming at.