Sunday, August 4, 2019

'Location' Judge's Report

In my consideration of the 111 entries received I looked particularly for beauty of expression, use of
imagery and metaphors as well as demonstration of emotional attachment to a particular location.
For first place I chose the poem, In the Shadows, which makes good use of metaphor and expresses a
clearing of thoughts as a result being in a specific location.
I awarded second place to ARRIVING IN PORT PIRIE, an evocative expression of memories tied to a
particular place, which were a reminder of other significant locations, a process which many readers
may identify with.
For third place I chose Birdsville Tracking, which demonstrated beauty of expression, compact form and
very good use of metaphor to bring out the features of this particular location.
Highly Commended: 
I chose Barren Lands for its use of arid lands as a metaphor for feelings of desolation and for its economy
of expression.
Salamanca.   This poem evokes memories tied to a particular place, illustrated with excellent imagery.
Somewhere in Tasmania.   A well realised poem recalling a significant time and place.
Confined.  I liked the shape of this poem and the use of metaphor.
Minnamurra Falls. Of all the rhyming poems, this one was a delight to read.
Dispossessed. An emotive description of a harrowing time.
The Bush, Shelley Beach.  A well rhymed story of childhood days.

In conclusion, I read many poems which expressed heartfelt feelings, some better expressed than others.
I commend all the entrants for having a go and encourage each one to continue to develop their writing
skills which will contribute a great deal to our understanding of life today.