Thursday, April 25, 2013

A big oops

I've just accidentally deleted lots of comments on this blog. If you've left a comment here and it's disappeared, please feel free to post it here again. Sorry!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

NaWriPoMo - I'm doing this, are you doing it too?

For many people, April is National Poetry Month. It happens in America, but others around the world get involved too. I've signed up too, and so have quite a few of my poet friends. So what am I talking about? What have we signed up to do?

Well, we've joined NaWriPoMo - National Write Poem Month, where we will endeavour to write a poem every single day for the month of April. I'm posting my poems to another blog (when I get the right blog, it's this one here I've gotten a little mixed up though and posted two of the poems to another of my blogs - this one here I'm hoping I've got my head screwed on right now, and I won't get mixed up like that again!

I'm enjoying this month, having to write a new poem every day is a joy, not a chore. In fact, today I wrote the poem quite early in the day, and I've just written another one - two poems in one day, and not rubbish poems either.

What I'll do perhaps is just hold onto this afternoon's poem, and post it the the Garden Dog blog tomorrow. It's going to be a busy day tomorrow, and I mightn't have time spare for poem writing. I have noticed though, that poems are creeping up on me and appearing much more easily than at other times.

I'm very much enjoying this month of poetry, and I hope lots of others out there are enjoying it too!