Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Work in Progress - My Poetry Collection

I did a huge job today of almost finishing putting together my poetry collection. It was loads of fun going through all of the poems, and putting them in the best spot. I was almost finished it completely when life intruded, as it often does.

It was time for the dogs to be let in, then let back in, and to start to get organised for dinner. I was happy with my work done, and looking forward to finishing it off tomorrow.

Well, finishing it tomorrow might still happen, but it’s not as super quick and easy as I’d thought it would be. The problem is, when I had a quick look just before dinner was ready, the document was smaller than it should have been.

I checked the poems out and discovered that I’d obviously not properly saved my hours of work. It’s not completely back to the drawing board, but it is quite a bit of editing just disappeared completely. I think a computer whiz would be able to resurrect the work, but I’m not a computer whiz.

If I was, I wouldn’t have got into this predicament, I would have saved it all properly. Oh well… Now that dinner is over (a yummy vegetable dish with hokkien noodles, mmm), I’ve had a better look at the situation. I’d saved most of the individual poems I’d worked on, so I was able to place some of them back in the collection.

I’ve still got quite a few pages missing though, but between the computer files and my hard copies, I think I’ll be in a position to send out copies of the collection for feedback from a few chosen people.

This collection (my first book of poetry of my own) is due to be launched in June or July, hopefully the former rather than the latter. It’s a collection with a special purpose, and I hope some of the feedback I receive will show me the best paths to travel with the book once it’s been printed.

So wish me luck, and I hope to see you at my launch in a few months!


TK said...

don't you just love computers!!! Hope today saw you pushing through and getting to where you want to be with your collection!! Very exciting times for you as you get closer to your goal!! TK xx

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you Tiff, it is so close to being a collection now, not just a bunch of poems. I can easily imagine holding my first poetry book in my hands. People have been so supportive of this project, I am humbled.
Looking forward to seeing you at Anne's place on the 14th, we'll finally have Carole, Anne and Nigel all there together!