Sunday, April 3, 2011

Poetry is Fun!

Yesterday was a fun poetry day. I wrote some new poems and read one of them at a different venue than my usual poetry reading venue. Usually I read my poetry at the Gawler Poetry at the Pub event on the last Sunday of the month. Yesterday was different.

Firstly, it was the first, not last, Sunday of the month. Further to that, it was at the Tea Tree Gully Library, not at a Hotel at all, although there was certainly wine available, served by my favourite head librarian, Symon.

The event was the launch of Helen Lindstrom and Sharon Kernot’s books. The person doing the launching was Louise Nicholas and she did a fine job, picking out many wonderful and telling parts from each poets’ collections. The poets then read several of the poems from their collections, showing more of gems each collection contains.

After the books were launched there was a short break where we could mingle and try out the food and drink on offer. There was also a piece of paper placed close to where the books were available to buy for those who didn’t have a copy yet. Poets were invited to write down their name on the list if they wished to take part in the poetry reading to follow.

The MC for this event was Gary MacRae and he did a great job as he always does. Once the break was over, we wandered back to our seats, prepared to hear the poetry on offer. What was on offer was a buffet of styles and poetic forms. The poetry was the best you’d get anywhere, with some readers who were in this venue for their first time. This part of the event was actually the Gawler Poets at the Pub on walkabout. The last Sunday of the month in April falls in the middle of Easter this year and it was decided to move the event in time and place.

The library put on great equipment to help the poets and those listening to get the best from the words shared. I hope to see some of those present yesterday again soon. I hope also to hear the poems of some of the others present who didn’t take the opportunity to read any of their poetry. Maybe next time, perhaps?


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Erin F said...

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