Thursday, April 28, 2011

Poets and Platters, Wine and Words!

I had a late night last night and enjoyed myself immensely! I went with some of my friends from my Gawler writing group and we all had a great time. I got to bed two hours after my usual bedtime, but it was completely worth it.

There were some long standing favourites there, and there were some poets I’d never heard or read before. The most amazing poet was a great woman from the Barossa, who works for a different winery. She’s obviously well known in the Barossa, she had the locals outing out of her hand.

By the time she’d finished, I was a fan too. For someone who claims she isn’t a poet, she told a fine rhyme. Jane is her name, but I didn’t catch her last name. It doesn’t matter because if she gets what she wants she’ll be changing her last name anyway!

If you were there you know exactly what I’m talking about and if you weren’t there I feel sorry for you. You missed a great night’s entertainment. The words, the sky, the vibe, the food, the friendship and the wine, they all added up to perfection!

This biennial event is well worth looking out for in Barossa vintage time in 2013. I sure hope to be there!

The event was part of the Barossa Vintage Festival on Wednesday 27th April, 7-10pm at Langmeil Winery, Tanunda. There was wine, nibbles and some excellent poetry and yarns by some of South Australia's finest: Bob Magor, Bill Marsh, Jude Aquilina, Louise Nicholas and Nigel Dey. It was put on by the SA Writers Centre, in partnership with Langmeil Winery.


TK said...

wasn't it just magical...yes I will be definitely adding it to my 2013 calendar - & lets hope 'Jane' is back in full force again - fantastic!!! TK xx

Carolyn Cordon said...

It truly was a special night, sharing the night with your lovely sister was lovely. One thing that struck me was the way the audience and the poets connected so well. I'd say the majority weren't part of the usual 'poetry' crowd, they were simply people out to enjoy themselves and they sure did enjoy themselves.
Another piece of proof that taking poetry to the people works, it's not just for a selected few.