Tuesday, August 26, 2008

writing your heart out

For me, poetry has been my therapy. I've had issues, as we all have had, I'm sure. Good things happen, bad things happen. Poetry can help celebrate the good things and make sense, at least, of the bad things. I've written a poem about this, a simple little verse, but it felt like something that was asking to be written. Here it is:

Still waiting

I don’t believe in fairies

there are no tiny creatures

giving rewards for teeth

the bottom of my garden

has only weeds

the good things that happen

just happen

I don’t believe in fairies

bad things happen

get used to it

no amount of sparkly dust

will save this world

good people do good things

bad people don’t

I don’t believe in fairies

but I do believe that one day

good might conquer evil

that’s what I

believe in

Simple, right? But it felt good to write it and it has felt good every time I've gone back to it to read it again, or to edit it further. My little bit of introspection - I re-read this poem and think about good and bad things, do a little meditation perhaps.

It works for me, it could work for you too.

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