Sunday, August 31, 2008

Poetry, poetry, poetry

The Gawler poetry reading was enjoyable, the Silver Tounged Ferals were fantastic and even the drunken interloper has me thinking about a new poem in his 'honour'.

As they say in the classics (or maybe a beer ad) "It's all good". I caught up with friends , defended my husband, didn't drink any alcohol, and had a thoroughly good time. 

What wasn't quite so good was getting home to a frustrated spouse and a vacuum cleaner that didn't seem to be vacuuming. Instead it was blowing dust around and being generally irritating. Things should do what they're supposed to do. I might even write something about that in verse, but I'd better work out how to get the damn thing working first. 

We flea bombed the house and need to vacuum up those dead fleas.

Anyway, another topic. I am the President of Adelaide Plains Poets Inc, and we have held a poetry competition every year since 2005. This year the topic is 'Tracks and Trails'. Entries are open to all Australians and there are sections for students and  one for adults. I will email an entry form and guidelines to anybody who sends me an email asking for it. is my email address - entry for adults is $5 per poem and there is no entry fee for Primary and Secondary school students. There is a prize pool of over $500 for the winners.

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