Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Illustrations for my memoir

I am writing a memoir, dealing with my new life, living with multiple sclerosis, MS. The working title, and probable final title of this work is 'Mick, Jane and Me'. I'm writing it in verse, and I'm including poems that are relevant. I'm not an expert in writing narrative in verse, but I'm doing my best to learn. My best help with learning is my mentor, Ray Tyndale. 

Ray is a wonderful person, who has become a friend, and she is a great mentor. Before I began writing my memoir I applied for a grant from the Richard Llewellyn Art and Disability Trust, to pay for a mentor. My application was successful. Ray's name had been mentioned as being a good choice and I'm happy to say I agree, She's been fantastic.

I've written much of my memoir, and I'm working on my third draft (supposed to be anyway). I have some other writing things happening in my life at the moment, so the memoir has taken a back step. Today I saw something that has made me keen to get write back into it though. 

Today I saw some pictures done by Simon Kneebone, who I've asked to do illustrations for my memoir. They're fantastic! Some of them are exactly right for what I've written, and I feel like Simon 'gets' what is needed to liven up the book. So, if I'm going to do justice to these fantastic illustrations, I have to get right back into getting my memoir spruced up and made into something wonderful! 

Thank you so much, Ray and Simon, and everyone else who's helped me with this memoir, from family, to others with MS, friends, fellow writers and the MS Society SA & NT. You've all helped me in many different ways.

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