Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Someone's Son

This morning I saw a young man risking his life. Knowing there's little I can do to save him, I felt I had to put something down in words. 

A poem then, for that particular young man, and for all of the others who risk their lives on the roads. There are so many...

Someone’s son

He went past, faster than the speed limit says
and not as safe as the law says he should be.
No helmet, hair blowing in the wind, his
motorbike is a weapon of mass distraction
from life’s rules. I can only ponder the mind
of one so clueless and hope he has a lot more
good luck than he has common sense.
And I fear for his parents and others who 
love him. Every man is someone’s son…


john malone said...

reminds me of some lines from 'You're the Voice' BUT I love that line 'a weapon of mass distraction' ; and you are right: motorbike accidents take a disproportionate share of young lives compared to cars. we were so glad when our son, then \a teenager, went over to a car

Carolyn Cordon said...

Motorbikes seem to make people think they're invincible. It's mad, but that's the way it seems to go. I'm glad my son doesn't seem interested in getting a motorbike.

John, I was quite taken too, by my line 'weapon of mass distraction'. These lines seem to spring from a special place in the brain. The brain is such an interesting place to visit, and creative writing seems to be a key to open the way in.

john malone said...

I agree: whether it's a poem, a blog, an essay or a short story we sometimes surprise ourselves by a magic phrase that 'pops out' of the subconscious; it's always there, of course --- it's just that writing seems to liberate it

Carolyn Cordon said...

The more one puts pen to paper, to more the words flow.

My month of poetry created many new works for me. Even though I don't have the daily need for a new poem, I'm still finding it easier to write when I want/need to.

Carolyn Cordon said...

Hmm, obviously I need to practice good editing skills as well as writing skills. My previous comment was not good enough.

If you've read what I wrote, you probably know where I went wrong. My brain and my fingers are only connected up to a point, not completely working together perfectly. My eagerness to get the words out is part of the problem too, and too often I neglect to proof read my comments before I hit that publish button. Sorry.

john malone said...

forgiven Carolyn: I am the same. It's worse when you put out a blog where there's typos because although you can change it later that first version in my caee has gone out to 76 subscribers

john malone said...

time for anothre post, Carolyn :) your fans are waiting