Saturday, October 22, 2011

A poem snuck up on me

The poem I'm going to post here crept up to me today, and said, 'come on, write me down or type me up, tinker with me, but not for long, then come on, post me, I wanna be on the internet'.

I make no claim to greatness for this poem, I'm simply putting it here because that's the way the poem wanted it. I'm not the poem, though some of me is in the poem. I'm simply the one who hits the keys and claims the copyright.

So here's the poem, perhaps insufficiently edited, perhaps perfect, but most probably somewhere in between the two.

Kitchen as metaphor

In my kitchen are signs aplenty
I am lazy/slothful, coffee-drinking
I eat both junk and healthy stuff
Neither insects nor dirt frighten me
I recycle, reuse and waste
I don’t mindlessly scrub, rub, dub dub dub

Your kitchen may be
quite different.
You are not me.


john malone said...

it sounds much like my kitchen :)

I aim to make Gawler on sunday and Modbury High tomorrow. That will be enough for one week.

couldn't think of a tenth and my blog like your poem was in a hurry to get put down so I was hoping no one noticed :)

btw I have written a review of your book for your approval before I post it

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you John, for everything.
See you soon.