Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Own Crow Poem

A dear poet friend of mine has written a post on  his own blog. In it he posted a poem about a crow and on his Facebook page he said that every poet worth his or her salt has written a crow poem. click here to read John's Crow Poem

That started me thinking - have I written a crow poem? I thought I had, but decided to write a new one anyway. So here is my crow poem, untitled so far. 

I welcome comments on the poem, and also ideas for a possible title.

Crow’s mournful cry goes out across the paddock
sheep and wheat ignore the sound
and continue doing what they always do.
I pause and look up, and spot the crow,
alone, alone, alone. Then comes an answering cry -
another crow’s  plaintive call rings out -
first crow no longer alone, they strike up a lament
in tandem. I’m  reminded of my family inside,
waiting for me to return. There’s no need
for me to call out, they’re there for me,
they’re always there for me.


john l malone said...

I don't hear their call as a lament but you do so fair enough; I find the ending of the poem very powerful: the togetherness of a family against the isolation of the crow.

Funny how we take different views from the same subject matter. a very moving poem

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thank you for your thoughts on this poem John. I always feel a bit sorry for crows because they sound so sad. I know it's silly to give human emotions to birds, but I do.
Willy wagtails sound happy and seem cheeky, crows sound sad and look as though dressed for a funeral.