Sunday, July 10, 2011

Some thoughts on suicide

I've recently completed the study part of my Community Services Work certificate IV. Next comes 140 hours of work placement. I enjoyed doing the classroom part of my study, but didn't enjoy working by myself, just me, my computer and the assignment.

My two final assignments, which I completed in the same week were about firstly domestic violence and secondly suicide. I have to say it felt like a very bleak week indeed. I got through the work though, submitted the assignments and I'm proud and pleased to say I received a pass for each, together with supportive comments.

Thinking about that tonight  prompted thoughts about suicide, and I can honestly say I don't think I would consider that way. I wrote a poem about it, and I'd like to share that poem with you.


if I were to fail to find
a reason to wake
if I were to see only
dark clouds looming
and not the rainbow
then suicide may become
an option

but every day brings
something new
whether a tiny thing
or something large -
with things teetering
on my horizon -
I continue on

if you fail to see
or can’t believe
better things may come
if no-one’s there
to care that you exist
then it’s up to you
to be the one who cares

each of us is important
the world is incomplete
when we leave
if our life has ended
before its time
nature has rules, and we
must heed them

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