Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Vegetable Victory Update

The Poetry and Vegetables at Balaklava Primary School are on again this afternoon. Last week I read a poem about Carrots(thank you John Malone!), people smiled and laughed at the words, and the carrot sticks I took along for munching on were munched on.

I think if I'd taken twice as many carrot sticks, they would have all disappeared. I'm taking something different today, and next week and the week after. It was going to be zucchini slice today, but that plan wasn't as planned as I thought it was, so I had to zip into plan B, which I'm sure will be even more welcome than the carrot sticks were.

Last week the students gave us their two favourite vegetables, with at least one surprising result. One student said brussels sprouts were her favourite vegetable. Well, I was surprised, but since then, other people have spoken out in favour of this healthy but less than lovely vegetable. Less than lovely in my opinion, that is. We're all different, so it's not surprising we have different opinions. In fact it's a good thing. If we all loved the same vegetable more than any other, there might be problems with us all being able to get enough of it!

The poem I read today will be a rhyming one, plus I might read several short poetic forms. Arcrostic poetry will certainly be mentioned. There will be talk of metaphor and simile, with imagery mentioned perhaps. I'm looking forward to it again.

That's a secret to a good life - look forward to good things, enjoy them as they happen and remember them joyfully!


john l malone said...

I'm glad my carrot poem went well. I am inspired now to write another veggie poem, perhaps broccoli :)

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thanks John, I'd love to read that one. I have eaten meals with broccoli and enjoyed them, but not for many years. There was a chinese cafe near where I worked many years ago that put broccoli with their meals and I ate it without thinking about it. The meat and sauce were lovely, so it was easy to eat the green vegetable.

TK said...

yeah for vegies!!!!! TK xx

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thanks Tiff!