Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Because a Good Friend Asked me To!

Hello, a dear friend of mine, Tiffany, asked if I'd be interested in answering seven questions about myself and posting them to this website of mine. Tiff had been asked by a friend of hers, and had done it herself. I read what Tiffany had posted on her site and I thought, well why not!

So here goes:

1. What really cheesy/bad TV programme can you not help but watch?
I am so not part of the TV watching vibe! If it’s not interesting to me, I don’t watch it – if I’m watching the TV instead of reading or being on the computer, it’s something good. Oh dear, that sounds so sanctimonious! I love election night TV, is that bad or good; some of it sure is cheesy!?

2. What book you think is terrible, and why.
Um, I’m no biblical scholar, but I don’t like lots of things in the Old Testament. I like lots of the things Jesus supposedly did or said, but that eye for an eye stuff scares me. It is so wrong, lots of the things in the Old Testament are wrong, and the wrongness is taken up by evil people for terrible reasons.

3. What does your bedlinen look like? please feel free to include a photograph
Oh dear, you don’t want to know – our bed linen is an uncharming mix of rumpled rubbish and dog hair. Don’t go there!

4. What is your favourite quality in yourself (you all have them so suck it up and pick one!)
I am a forgiving person. No that’s not good enough. I always put a positive spin on things that happen to me. I am a Positive Polly and proud of it!

5. This one is from Dave - What is the worst injury you have had?
When we were installing our dog kennels I managed to drop my end of the kennel on my foot. It hurt so much I almost passed out, but I stayed there working. I suspect I broke a tiny little bone in my foot, but I’ve never done anything about it – it’s fine now – this happened about twenty years ago. Apart from that, I guess you could say my worst injury was when they sliced me open to take the baby from my womb – they put in lots of staples to close me up and I was incapacitated in a big way. But that was an elective Caesar, no real dramas. I can still see the scar, but I don’t show that one to anybody else!

6. Do you listen to the radio/podcasts often and if yes, what do you listen to?
I listen to ABC Radio National often during the day. If it was up to me, I’d have the ABC on the radio all the time, and only put the TV on a few times a week. I love Life Matters, Bush Telegraph, The Book Show, and so on. If it’s on RN it’s probably good, and even if it’s not good, it’s better than everything else, in my opinion!

7. If you stay in a hotel, do you take the mini bathroom toiletries home with you?
Gee, if I say yes, am I incriminating myself? I’ll just say I rarely stay in a hotel and that I have taken shampoo and conditioner home once or twice. Please don’t arrest me! I’ll pay for it, honest, just send me an account!

There, that didn't hurt too much! I'm glad I've done this, even though it kept me so engrossed in the writing of it that my coffee went cold and now I'll have to drink it cold or go warm it up in the microwave. If I leave it another hour or so it might be refreshing as iced coffee, but it's the first coffee for the day and it really should be at least warm. Damn you Tiffany! (that was a joke!)


TK said...

hope you got in a warm coffee after all that!!!

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thanks Tiff, I wasn't sure if my diatribe against the Old Testament would be too much for you, but you are a deep thinker, and you already knew my thoughts on Christianity.
I'm your thinking Atheist friend!

Anonymous said...

hi carolyn, mark here. how did the launch go? apologies for not making it; i blew my entertainment budget three days after dole cheque day, now i have to sit around and wait for more magic numbers to appear in my bank window:-)

my answers to the above questions:

1 news
2 mine
3 dirty
4 logic
5 life
6 no
7 never

pleae keep the three poems i emailed to gary for next year's anthology, if you wish. will not be doing poetry any longer. i have written twelve christmess carol parodies that i want to produce. they are hard line atheist, and offensive; not suitable for poetry circles;-)


Carolyn Cordon said...

Thanks Mark for your reply. I'm sad that you're giving poetry up - your words and your delivery of them are fantastic and South Australia is losing a great talent if you never write and perform poetry again.
I respect your views on this though - doing the right thing is never as easy as doing the wrong thing.