Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Winning Poem Open Section Adelaide Plains Poets 'Truth'

Pulling Strings by Cathy Hinder
His circular conversations, a word salad ensemble,
a deliberately designed instrument of concussion to
an abused, bruised mind, as it slowly implodes,
diminishing the ability to focus, or foster self-worth.
Manipulated and controlled,
independent thinking insidiously erased by
covertly pulling strings,
spinning an alternate distorted version of reality.
Unfathomable, akin to psychological pain on steroids.
Cunning lies, shaming, blaming,
intuition rendered redundant,
his twisted truth eroding her fragile core.
Tip-toeing through hair triggered landmines,
aware, always anticipating
the next round, the inevitable explosion
of toxic words, warfare and inexplicable terror.
The last shreds of sanity collapse
as another shattered woman
slips silently into statistical oblivion ...
collateral damage from a private war at home.
Sensational news headlines, broadcasting crimes of passion.
Commercial interests embellish, sexualize and distort facts.
An audience of self-appointed judges and jurors, aghast,
“Why didn’t she just leave”?
Those asking that brutal question
uninformed, uneducated, unwilling to accept the truth,
seek to blame the victim,
“It must be her fault”.
The defendant smirks, entitled, triumphant,
deflects responsibility, holds no accountability,
a player winning a game ...
leaving no whisper of forensic evidence.
The truth, adjourned in an empty Courtroom,
awaits verdict, seeking justice while
details are dissected amongst the chosen few
on a deadly yet invisible crime, not one of them previously knew

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Carolyn Cordon said...

I feel the poet has really nailed it with this poem, congratulations, Cathy!