Saturday, May 7, 2016

Gawler Festival of Words 2016

The Adelaide Plains Poets writing group is again going to hold the Festival of Words in July. The Gawler event, the inaugural event, was successful and we are working hard to make the 2016 event even better! We've begun our first crowdfunding campaign, and are hoping many other people who love words will get involved and help us!

We are using indiegogo to raise some more funds, so that we have lots of money to give to the people who have been affected by these terrible fires. I know some of these people, and I very much hope this anthology may bring them some hope for a better future.

The anthology will contain creative writing from a broad range of situations and ages, and as the editor I am both humbled and delighted with the works I have seen so far.

Bad things happen, yes, but events like these fires have brought out the good in many, many people.Their personal stories about how the Pinery Fires affected them are in this anthology, covering the bad things at the beginning, to the more hopeful dreams for the future, and all of the hard work in between.

Puss in Boots is helping us with our fundraising efforts, and having him involved can bring a smile to most faces, regardless of their age.

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Carolyn Cordon said...

This Festival was successful again this year, with increased numbers of attendees. Next year, Oh My, Next year is going to be huge! The Festival 2016 wasn't even over before the planning for 2017 was on!