Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Vegetable Victory, Session Two

Tomorrow I'm heading off to Owen Primary School for the second session of 'Vegetable Victory' - the program devised to introduce students to the wonders of both vegetables and poetry.

In this session the twins of simile and metaphor will be explored, vegetables will be looked at, felt and eaten, and poetry will be read and listened to. I'm excited about it all, and I hope the students will catch my excitement when I'm in the classroom with them!

I have a few things to get ready today to take with me tomorrow, and I'm going to do that as soon as I finish writing this blog post. I promise. No hang on, I've got a better idea - I'll do the getting things ready right now, that way I can report on the finished result of getting it all ready!

OK, here goes - I'll be back soon!

Back again - I have the poems printed out, and poetry books collected for reading from tomorrow. I have all of the catalogues I've been keeping with pictures of vegetables for sale, for students to look at and think about. I have a copy of the Session Plans for the Vegetable Victory program, I've organised the food for tomorrow. I'm ready! I just have to get out of bed earlier than usual tomorrow, and remember to bring my stuff with me!

Easy, peasy!

This is a Community Foodie Program - I'm proud to be a Community Foodie!

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