Sunday, April 22, 2012

Wondering about loss ...

I learned today on Facebook about the death of an Adelaide poet, Stephen Lawrence. I didn't really know Stephen, or his poetry, but it feels like I've lost a friend.

The poetry scene in Adelaide and surrounds is like that, it seems. I feel very close to all of the people, the names, the ones I meet regularly and the ones I only meet in passing. I offer my condolences to Stephen's family and friends.

I hope no more of my friends go soon. I need you to all stay here, happy and well.

Losing a friend I never had the chance to get to know hurts, but I know it must hurt so much more for those who truly knew and loved him. Take care everyone, and please keep safe.


john malone said...

it is a s\ad loss, Carolyn; I'm still bewildered by it

Carolyn Cordon said...

I didn't actually know Stephen, but from the strong reactions of others, I can feel the pain his death has brought to people.
The death of anyone before their older years is a terrible loss, and this loss seems to have been felt deeply around the poetry community.