Thursday, March 8, 2012

Anyone For Cricket?

I received a lovely little book in the mail yesterday. It was a book of poems, all about cricket! If you think cricket's boring, then you'd have to take that back, because the poems in this collection are terrific.

The poems are the best poems from the 2011 Cricket Poetry Award, and there is a great variety of poetic styles. It was the third year of the competition. Entry is open to poets from cricketing nations around the world, with the award worth $2000!

If anyone's interested in knowing more about this, go here - you'll find everything you need to know on the site. The whole thing is a fascinating melding of sport and art, with a painting competition being held annually as well.

So, if you like your cricket with class, shy not have a go at writing your own cricket poem. there is so much passion about this amazing game, it's sure to attract some fantastic entries again this year - and your poem can be one of them.

I'm already thinking about my own poem. My poem, when I write it, will be some kind of remembrance of my older brother, Jeff West, a keen cricketer at the Gaza Sports Club, and a fine club member. Left hand spin was one of his things...

Come on Aussies!


john malone said...

A poem to Jeff might go out to a wider audience than just cricket fans

Carolyn Cordon said...

I feel you may be right there John. We've all lost loved ones, we've all known people who we idolised at times, we all see the value in doing a job well, and enjoying it.