Monday, December 19, 2011

Poems from my yard

One of my favourite things to do is to sit down and watch Nature around my back or front yard. I have good spots to sit and watch, ponder and meditate. Sometimes inner peace may come from sitting and watching, sometimes I may just idly watch with nothing deep or meaningful occurring. Sometimes a poem  may come of my time sitting and relaxing, and letting Nature entertain me.

I like short poems more than long poems, and one short form I like to use is the haiku. This short poetic form from Japan is often misunderstood. A good haiku is never an easy thing to write for me, and judging by many of the poems I read over the years, other people have trouble penning good haiku too.

The good thing though is that even if I don't write a good haiku, when I give it a try, at least I'm writing words that will help me remember the time I write of. Sometimes I do write a good haiku though, one where others get the thing that attracted my attention. That shared 'A-ha' moment is a wonderful thing indeed!

Here is one my haiku, or haiku style poems I wrote yesterday. I hope you my words and the haiku poem of interest.

bird and plant share
the same shade of yellow –
back porch view

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