Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Poetry Reading - Gawler

On Sunday 31 January, history will be happening. The Gawler Poetry at the Pub readings begin under new leadership, and the first one is going to be fantastic I think.

There will be the guest poet - Teri Louise Kelly, and Eddy Burger and Maurice McNamara will drop in on their way back home in Melbourne. Add to that the usual great poets plus some who have said they'll come up from the big smoke in Adelaide, and it should be a good crowd.

Anyone can read their own poetry there, just pay your gold coin donation and put your name in the book. There will be a raffle, great staff, enthusiastic committee members and lots of fun. Bring two copies of your poem, if you want you work to be considered for the annual Poetry Reader and don't forget to put your name on your poems!


Carolyn Cordon said...

Yes, I think we did it! Great comments from many different people. The poetry was fine and the poets were friendly! Many hugs all round and a great time was had by all.
The committee all stepped up well, we learned things, and March is shaping up to be just as special.
February is cancelled because the meeting would clash with Writers Week. March will be great though.

Anonymous said...

A good time was had by all - a cross-section of poets came and strutted their stuff. Some bemused locals hovered nearby - perhaps next time they will feel more comfortable and maybe join in more...personal fave : Mel's piece was just top-class. You go, girl !!!

Belmont the little saxophone was also quite pleased to be in attendance, and tootles a greeting.

Cheers, Avalanche

Carolyn Cordon said...

Belmont did a fine job and it was a joyful gathering of poets. Greetings to you too Belmont! Thanks Avalanche.
I agree with you on Mel's piece - it may be a baby poem, as she says, but boy does it pack a punch!