Sunday, November 22, 2009

Gardens and Poetry

It doesn't get much better than the event put on at the Tea Tree Gully Library yesterday. Jude Aquilina and Sarah Clay read poems, Lolo Houbein (One Magic Square) and Miles Trench (Holistic Gardening) told us about their gardening philosophies. It was interesting, clever, funny and anything else good you can think of.

The poetry was exquisite, the gardening tips were timely and ever so useful. I still thinking about feng shui in the garden and also about how I can get started on my own one metre garden.

We should all be supporting our own kitchens with vegetables and fruit - there's no excuses really, one square metre is big enough for a plot to grow your own salad - thank you Lolo. And if you're interested in slightly new age ideas, well Miles has it all for you.

Both of the garden speakers has books available for purchase, and they did a roaring trade. I've driven around the Tea Tree Gully/Modbury area and I can see why Lolo's ideas were popular.

I believe this was Sarah's first big reading of her work, and if so, well, she did a fantastic job. I enjoyed her poetry and her homespun truths about what her garden gives back to her.

Everybody should take some time and have a look at the wonder and beauty waiting for them just outside their back door.

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