Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why do I write poetry?

I write poetry because it gives me a calming yet energising moment to get in touch with my inner thoughts. I write poetry because I love writing poetry. I write poetry to try to sort out how I feel about something. I write poetry because writing a poem is much quicker than writing a novel!

You can go from idea, to first draft, second draft, third draft, fourth draft and finish in the space of a couple of days, when it's going well. Sometimes even, you can get lucky and get it down right, first time, no revision required. That doesn't happen that often though.

I'm always suspicious about people who say they never edit - their work is perfect first time. I know one 'poet' who claims this - he might have short lines, and the end words may rhyme, but there's more to poetry than that. You need rhythm as well, an interesting way with words, something worth saying, and a million other things too, to write poetry well. I find I always improve my work, with every re-draft. Up until that magical point when it works, not just for you, but for other people too.

And maybe that point is the main reason why I write poetry - so that my poetic words will work for other people, to make special connections with other people.

Why do you write poetry?


Dragonwyst said...

...because I can? For me, poentry goes hand in hand with art appretiation and music. Sometimes I look at a painting and see poetry or hear music and see a painting. Sometimes I read a poem and see a painging or hear a symphony.

Poetry is one art form that I use to express my view of life. I love the constraints and challenges of the formal formats and styles. I take pride in perfecting metre and rhythm and finding words that flow and blend and complement each other.

Perhaps what I love most is taking a step back, and suddenly finding that I have unwittingly given my writing a double entendre, as if the result has taken on a life of it's own.

Poetry is a wonderful medium for writing for children. They respond so well to to it. And poetic license means I make my own rules! Now that's perfection indeed!

Carolyn Cordon said...

Thanks for your comments, you have written many true words here.

Nothing Profound said...

Every day I come up with a different reason why I write. Today I wrote: "I write because I like walking down-end streets."

Tomorrow I'll come up with a different reason.

Carolyn Cordon said...

There's always a new reason to write isn't there? And if you can't think of a reason, go outside and look around. You'll find countless reasons to write, if you open up your mind to looking and seeing.