Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Poetry Group - It Feels like Home

I've just joined a new writing group, and it feels like I have finally found my way home. The group is supportive and caring and we all want to help each other make our writing better.

This is how a writing groups should be - there are no egos pushing their way around, and we are hoping to help each other improve with our writing. It helps that we are all now or have been members of another writing group, so we can discuss the other group in an almost kids being naughty way, which is fun. Well I find it fun anyway - I was such a goodie two shoes at school, it feels fun to call the teacher names now.

Not very adult, I know, but I'm a great believer in the link between our inner child and our creativity.

So, every Thursday night I go off to Gawler and play writing games with my friends. We share stories, poems, heart-felt thoughts, food and wine. It is close to where I live and it is in a beautiful historic part of Gawler.

I recommend to anyone who is thinking of joining a writing group, try to find one that will support you, bot bring you down, and find one close enough to where you live that it won't become a burden to attend the group. The love and the hugs and kisses I receive at my new group makes it feel like I am embraced the whole time I am there.

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