Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Poetry Competition Adelaide Plains Poets

So, today is the day for the Adelaide Plains Poets annual Poetry Competition to go out into the world. The entry form and guidelines are written and are here on this blog. They will be sent out to writing centres and groups around Australia over the next weeks. 

The theme for this competition came in part from several different people. The initial idea that led to the theme of 'My Passion', came from an idea from a wanna be politician. This person suggested 'Sport' as a theme. This was rejected as being too narrow, and not interesting enough to poets. We pride ourselves on having themes for our competitions that are broad enough to appeal to creative people with amazing ideas!

On thinking further on the theme though, and having listened to the heartfelt way the proposer spoke of his passion for his particular sport, the idea of passion crept into the possible mix for the theme for this competition. Creative people are passionate people, with passions for life, for words, for Nature, for life!

So, another conversation, this time with the lovely person involved in supporting our competition for the 2012/2013 year. We spoke of Passion, our passions for life, and so the idea of 'My Passion' came into being, with the promise of support again from the 5th Element Unearthed, if 'My Passion' becomes the theme for the 2013/2014 competition.

This idea was put to members of the Adelaide Plains Chapter and Verse group, and held to be a fine idea, and so the decision was made! 

If you have a grand passion in your life and you want to share it with the world, put pen to paper and write it down, then send your entry in! The entry form and guidelines are on the right hand side of this page, copy and paste as required. I'll be waiting for your entry/ies!

Many thanks to Tom and Maxine from 5th element unearthed, I love the passion you both put into your lives! (I love your sublime extra virgin olive oil too, by the way!)

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