Friday, February 10, 2012

Ways to Write New Poems

I'm a member of a group of people who write poetry. We meet once a week, in the home of one of the members. Sometimes we talk about writing related things, sometimes we read our poetry to the others and critique the work that was read. Sometimes we do writing exercises.

Last Thursday night, one of the members gave us a writing exercise. We had to think of a word, then write down words that related to that first word. Then we had to write a poem using as many of those words as we could.

The exercise was a good one. All of us there gave it a go, and came up with a new poem, which we read to the others. I felt my effort was lame, and not worth much, but when I read it aloud, and received feedback about it, I could see some merit in my efforts. I may take that baby poem soon, and work on it, drawing out the metaphors there, and making it more than a lame little baby poem.

This is one of the things that being a member of a writing group can bring you. Different ideas can help to encourage you to tread different paths, try new things, or try doing old things in new ways. If you're in a rut with your writing, having a new kind of exercise can be just the thing to jump start you out of the rut!


john malone said...

I fully endorse what you say, Carolyn; I am a member of a writing group as is my son in Vienna --- you often see his comments on my blog ---- and we both find the feedback useful plus other peoples' work sometimes acting as a stimulus for our own writing

Carolyn Cordon said...

That is so right John. As a writer, I find merit two opposed ways of being - getting inspiration from discussion with other people, bouncing ideas off them, talking about words and sharing them, but also being along and communing with my muse, or my subconscious mind or whatever it is that comes up with those strange and wonderful words and phrases that come to the page or screen sometimes.

My friends and my peace and quiet bring me my writing. It's going to be interesting how I go when Graham retires on Wednesday, I'm hoping it will still be at least as good. Jake's been home since school ended last year but he's off to uni soon.

john malone said...

Graham retiring ? ummm could mean anything; either way Carolyn I am very grateful for a friend like you who visits my blog no matter how long and erratic. Thank you. Thanks very much

Carolyn Cordon said...

Graham is a great husband. I follow his lawn bowling career and assist with his Lions duties as needed. He is my carer, and has been wonderful helping me to deal with my new challenges caused by MS.

He's put in his time with the Public Service and deserves to have more time at home, doing his own thing and helping me as needed. I'm looking forward to it.

john malone said...

ve3ry good; it allows you time to be creative as well

Carolyn Cordon said...

Having time for creative writing hasn't been a problem for a long, long time!

I make sure creative writing in some way shape or form happens most days.