Saturday, August 30, 2008

Attending poetry readings

I'm off to my usual poetry reading tomorrow - at Gawler in South Australia, run by Martin Johnson and Cathy Young. This poetry reading is lots of fun and I can catch up with my poet friends there.

It's not too far from my home which is a huge bonus in this time of high fuel prices.
The first time I went along to Gawler for a poetry reading, about five or six years ago, I was terrified and I wasn't even reading my work. These days, I'm not scared because I know I'm among friends, and I know I'll hear some great poetry.

I strongly encourage everyone involved in writing poetry to chase up a poetry reading venue and get involved. There will be a friendly audience and it is fantastic practice in public speaking.

I often feel I want to read a poem, that I've heard being read, which is a good thing for me and for the relevant poet. These sorts of occasions are informal enough that you can do this. I've made some good friends through my poetry, and I catch up with them in Gawler once a month.

Another good thing about this poetry reading venue , as well as others, like Friendly Street Poets, is that there is the possiblity of having your poem published in an anthology.

I love having my work published - I love to see my work and my name in print! Call me a media hound if you like, I don't care! So do yourself a favour and get along to a poetry reading. It's also a great way to test run your poems and get feedback.


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